Why teach children, teens, and young adults etiquette?

To prepare them to be comfortable in any situation in the real world, and to develop lifetime leadership skills; to increase self-esteem and confidence and to contribute to society in a positive and effective manner; to fill a void in society and help instill a code of conduct in the community; a return to traditional values - value-awareness; to instill a philosophy of treating others with respect and common courtesy; to restore civility.

Starting early establishes good habits and a strong foundation while shaping self-perspective. Positive results can be accomplished and their lives enriched with positive life-long habits and guidance to fulfilling lifetime purposes and goals, and with self-empowerment to face challenges and succeed in an ever-changing world.

What are the advantages to parents?

Enriches the family experience and contributes to a kinder more gentle home life. A reinforcement tool for what is being taught at home and instills what is not. A confident, polite, respectful, and positive attitude creates ground for better communication in relationships at home.

What are the advantages to teachers?

Encouragement of a kinder, and more understanding environment; a reduction in rudeness; more effective communication; less violence and help for those trying to overcome negative peer pressure. Guidelines for inspiring excellence with help to prioritize and focus. Less time spent on disciplining and more time spent educating. An overall happier and more productive environment is created which could indirectly raise academic standards in the classroom setting.

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